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The fundamental mission of the School of Politics and Global Studies is to generate and diffuse knowledge that contributes to society’s understanding of politics and governance, at local, national and global levels.

Important thematic areas reflected in faculty research and teaching include:

  • political philosophy
  • law and politics
  • violence, conflict and human rights
  • urban, economic development, migration, and environmental issues
  • religion and politics
  • campaigns and elections
  • women, minorities, and politics



Zachariah Mampilly, Assistant Professor, Vassar College, "Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life during War", February 10th, Coor Hall 6761 from 2 -4 pm.

Scott Radnitz, Assistant Professor, University of Washington-Seattle, "The Onset of Ethnic Politics: An Experiment", March 16th, Coor Hall 6761 from 1-3 pm.

School of Politics and Global Studies 
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